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Conard Line

Written by Nexcerpt on Sunday, May 6th, 2012 in Patterns & News.
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In this month’s New York Times Magazine, Adam Davidson does a heroic job of hiding his contempt for Edward Conard. For this, Davidson deserves considerable praise: Conard seems a truly contemptible character.

At the moment, Conard is pushing a new book, based on the startlingly tone-deaf premise that super-wealthy people make life better for the rest of us — that having billionaires (about 400 in the US today) tends to keep life nice for the little people.

Unfortunately for Conard, the conclusion he perversely chooses to believe contradicts best practices of wealth management. More on that after some orientation to Conard’s ultra-privileged world.


True April Fools

Written by Nexcerpt on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 in Patterns & News.
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These are not April Fools pranks! There certainly are pranks here, but nothing funny. All these news articles about massive wealth appeared within a few hours of April First. Considering the deviltry they describe, and the terror such corporate devils sew — and will one day reap — this news would be more fitting on Halloween.


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