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Dumb Critics

Written by Nexcerpt on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 in Life & Lessons.
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Right leaning bloggers are in a frantic huff over the Newsweek cover story for 23 Jan 2012, entitled “Why are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?”

Rather, most are in a huff over one word on the cover: “dumb.” That’s dumb.

And, they’re wailing about it across social media — an “Occupy Dumbness” movement — thus increasing sales and traffic for Newsweek, which they claim to hate with a vengeance. That’s incredibly dumb.

It’s even more dumb than it sounds — because most of them obviously didn’t read the article.


Kalamazoo Promise

Written by Nexcerpt on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 in Patterns & News.
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Last night, President Obama offered the commencement speech at Kalamazoo Central High School. Kalamazoo — along with its educational system and outreach to the world — was on full display. Hundreds of media resources converged here, inviting thousands of people around the world to share, at least virtually, our “success” story.

Technologically, I’d say that we blew the opportunity.


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