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Snyder’s Oversight

Written by Nexcerpt on Saturday, March 12th, 2011 in Patterns & News.
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We have yet to realize the worst effects of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s union-bashing, democracy slashing power grab for Emergency Financial Managers. This of course refers to the far-reaching “local government and school district fiscal accountability act,” Michigan House Bill 4214 of 2011 unified with Michigan Senate Bill 513 of 2011.

Writing for Fox News in Detroit, Charlie Duff (“no liberal by any stretch of the imagination, but also no conservative”) wrote:

In Michigan, the emergency manager will have total power of the purse: with absolute authority the emergency manager will be able to sell assets like the water department, undo union contracts, abrogate collective bargaining agreements without discussion including those of police and fire. More worrisome still, the emergency manager will be able to dissolve local governments.

You needn’t have progressive DNA to find the bill horrifying. Still, the worst may be what was nearly mistakenly (or truly intentionally) left out.


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