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Legal Ruling

Written by Nexcerpt on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 in Life & Lessons, Patterns & News.
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Antwerp Township Supervisor Dan Ruzick has been cleared by Van Buren County Prosecutor Juris Kaps, of all allegations made against him by Harold Cirino, former Township Building Inspector.


Legal Assessor

Written by Nexcerpt on Friday, July 20th, 2012 in Life & Lessons.
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In Van Buren County, Michigan, Antwerp Township Supervisor Daniel Ruzick has been accused of “embezzlement” and similar wrongdoing. Harold “Butch” Cirino began making these accusations after the Township Board, chaired by Ruzick, replaced Cirino as Antwerp Township’s Building Inspector.

Cirino then launched a campaign against Ruzick to win the elected position, and its salary and benefits.

In the August 7, 2012 primary election, voters decide between Ruzick and Cirino for Township Supervisor.


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