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Hot Weather?

Written by Nexcerpt on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 in Wildlife & Wetland.
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This is no longer about “weather.” Pretending this is merely “weather” is dangerously stupid.

Here in Southwest Michigan, I watched the “weather” forecasts for 21 March 2012 (according to the Android App “News and Weather”) for the week leading up to 21 March. This is how the high temperature forecast progressed:


Rockmelt Turtles

Written by Nexcerpt on Monday, November 8th, 2010 in Patterns & News, Wildlife & Wetland.
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A new browser called RockMelt is crushing itself out of the gate. The introductory video for Rockmelt (also available on the Rockmelt site) repeatedly details activities at “Moorhead’s Scottish Pub” — including the despicable notion of turtle racing. This horrifying blunder, from a browser designed to provide some sort of personal social media platform?

Move over, Toyota: nominations are open for Worst PR Disaster of 2010.



Written by Nexcerpt on Friday, May 21st, 2010 in Wildlife & Wetland.

Say hello to a disturbing invasive species: White Swallowwort or Pale Swallowwort. For a detailed technical description, see this excellent abstract on Cynanchum rossicum.

This plant is new to this part of Michigan, and unwelcome. Why? Consider one of its common names: “Dog-Strangling Vine.” The Greek roots of Cynanchum include kynos (“dog”) and anchein (“to choke”). The Greek may refer to effects of ingestion, rather than to physical strangling — but its toxicity is reflected in another appellation: Vincetoxicum (in place of Cynanchum). More…

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