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Debra Romer Sings

Written by Nexcerpt on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 in Life & Lessons.
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Debra Romer is herself a phenomenon — and she just created another. At five p.m. today (01 Dec 2010), she launched a Kickstarter pledge campaign to fund a new Debra Romer CD / EP. She asked pledges of $3,000, thinking she’d need sixty days to raise it. Instead, she had $8,000 in pledges by midnight… in less than seven hours.

Note: If you [Share] this on Facebook, but don’t see a thumbnail image, try sharing this short link instead: http://bit.ly/gTUr7Q That solved it for me! Some disagreement there between FB and WP; troubleshooting my WP plugins now ;-)


Infinite Consciousness

Written by Nexcerpt on Thursday, November 18th, 2010 in Life & Lessons.
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Jacob Weaver writes today:

This is a business card that I found in an old briefcase. My search for this company lead me to your site.
The suite looks like it may have been occupied by a different tenant in 2001 but I thought maybe you would like the info anyway.

Jacob is referring to my work at UnBlinking, documenting web searches for businesses in the New York World Trade Center when the towers came down on 11 Sep 2001.


Xindi Premonition

Written by Nexcerpt on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 in Life & Lessons.
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I sense the appeal of creating the National Ignition Facility, seen here in a Boston.com Big Picture series on construction of NIF. I really do. The more we learn (even if fewer and fewer of us understand it) the better our chances of solving really big problems.

And, I appreciate that technology evolves along its own paths, and according to (relatively) universal laws that (apparently) persist over time. I really do. The more we experiment (even if fewer and fewer of us are involved) the better we become at designing and implementing the solutions.


Kalamazoo Tornado

Written by Nexcerpt on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 in Life & Lessons.

Reminiscences on the 30th Anniversary of the Kalamazoo tornado of May 8, 1980…

Near the center of Kalamazoo College, students had begun to gather for afternoon rehearsals in the Fine Arts Building — including, as I recall, a choir in Room 100, and a jazz ensemble I directed in Dalton Theater.

A few minutes before 4:00, I heard a peculiar siren, and stepped into the lobby with Dr. Lawrence Rackley Smith, Chair of the Music Department. We stood in front of the enormous glass wall — perhaps 15 x 40 feet — peering out at the greenish-tan sky to the southwest, listening intently. We stepped just outside to gauge what the weather and sirens were telling us. More…

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