Hot Weather?

Written by Nexcerpt on March 27th, 2012 in Wildlife & Wetland.
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This is no longer about “weather.” Pretending this is merely “weather” is dangerously stupid.

Here in Southwest Michigan, I watched the “weather” forecasts for 21 March 2012 (according to the Android App “News and Weather”) for the week leading up to 21 March. This is how the high temperature forecast progressed:

14 Mar: 72 degrees
15 Mar: 75
16 Mar: 78
17 Mar: 79
18 Mar: 81
19 Mar: 83
20 Mar: 88

On 21 March, the same app reported a high temperature of 89 degrees.

That’s not “weather.” Meteorologists are much better than that at predicting “weather.”

This is something else entirely. If you’re not willing to admit it’s “climate change,” you’d better come up with another term for it.

And another explanation for it, too — preferably one based in science, rather than politics.

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