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Written by Nexcerpt on October 6th, 2011 in Dating & Online.
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Can this be true?

Irony of Irony of… Idiocy. Margie Phelps announces that Westboro Baptist Church will picket Steve Jobs’ funeral.. On Twitter. From an iPhone?!?

Christ might disagree with picketing Steve Jobs' funeral

This is Phelps’ remembrance of the man who brought the world Apple Computer: “He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin.”

Taught sin? Taught SIN?!? Where do they get this stuff? It’s comedy gold.

I have to wonder whether that image may have been doctored, to add the iPhone reference. Westboro Baptist Church would never buy — let alone employ — a device built by demons, for demons!

LMAO… sorry, I got carried away there…

Could Phelps not have realized what she was doing? It seems nearly inconceivable that such hypocrisy — or ignorance — could exist. And yet, the substance of the tweet is sufficiently horrifying, regardless of the delivery device.

Of course, there’s no question about whether the hatefulness is real. Margie Phelps continues to dig herself deeper:

Margie Phelps' hate is limitless

Yesterday “margiejphelps” was being referenced in tweets every few hours, at most. In the past ten minutes, over thirty tweets. Many are from quite genuine Christians, but — there’s no nice way to say this — none support Westboro Baptist.

As I write this, Twitter’s search function isn’t even responding accurately to the query — all thirty recent tweets that were visible moments ago are now missing from the results. The inquiry is probably blowing up the server.

Margie may live to regret this. But, if she dies, I suspect there will be a big turnout for her funeral.

And a much larger turnout to picket it.


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