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Written by Nexcerpt on January 29th, 2011 in Patterns & News.
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   It’s ALIVE!!

Twenty hours after my Adsense Nonsense post, the following surprisingly humble bit of contrition arrived (I’ll give it the same conversational treatment I gave original notice):

Hello Mr Stock,

Please accept out apologies for an erroneous notification that was sent
out to you on January 28th in regards to your site

I love getting “out” apologies. That is way out, man!

Seriously, nice to see a typo in there. It’s a relief to realize that some human is involved in this process.

When the domain came up for the review, the
disclaimer (stating "Neither this site nor its contents are affiliated
with the popular search engine Google - but 'Googlewhacking' sure is fun
to say!") that can be found at the bottom of your pages was unfortunately
overlooked during the review process.

OK, great — that’s why I added it!

I must admit, though, the presence of a written disclaimer alone does not sound quite ideal from a legal standpoint, going forward. I honestly don’t know how you would go about classifying a “legitimate” (or acknowledging a longstanding humorous) use of a term you’ve sought to trademark. Perhaps some nuance similar to copyright “Fair Use” for parody? IANAL.

Please rest assured that the ad-serving will not be disabled on your site.

Excellent. Now I can get to back to effortlessly raking in seven-tenths of a cent per day!

Once again please accept our sincere apologies for the erroneous

I do. I really do. I’ll post your apology everywhere I posted the original notice.


The Google AdSense Team

Hmm… I still wonder who’s behind the curtain over there…

Gary Stock, The Googlewhack Guy

# # #

I’m very curious to know the path this took… to understand how a blog post reached Google’s attention in less than 24 hours. I did tweet some folks at Google who could have moved it along quickly… though there was quite a bit of traffic to the blog, too.

Aha! I had tweeted Matt Cutts the blog link on Friday, saying: “Matt, FYI, since I both venerate ~and~ invoke your name slightly in vain.” Reply from @mattcutts late Friday: “@nexcerpt let me ask some people here about this. It’s Friday night, so it might take a bit before I can reach the right person.” Thanks, Matt.

As another point of reference, my Adsense Nonsense original post had eight Facebook “Share,” eight Facebook “Like,” six Tweets, and a Google Buzz at the time the apology arrived.

Also, through some equitable perversity of the universe, yesterday this blog had the highest clickthrough rate and highest Page eCPM (effective cost-per-thousand impressions) of any of the sites I manage!

Well… let’s not get too excited: in practical terms, that means I made about one dollar per hour for blogging this… but it was worth it.

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