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Written by Nexcerpt on November 18th, 2010 in Life & Lessons.
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Jacob Weaver writes today:

This is a business card that I found in an old briefcase. My search for this company lead me to your site.
The suite looks like it may have been occupied by a different tenant in 2001 but I thought maybe you would like the info anyway.

Jacob is referring to my work at UnBlinking, documenting web searches for businesses in the New York World Trade Center when the towers came down on 11 Sep 2001.

Here’s the business card Jacob offered:

World Trade Center, Manifesting Infinite Consciousness

Manifesting Infinite Consciousness

Classic. W. Oliver Wilson, Chairman of the Institute of Infinite Consciousness — using a phone bank and office front in Suite 7967 of 1 World Trade Center, to pick up 212 466-9262. This is in case your mystic transmissions weren’t reaching him through the ether.

“Know Thyself.” “Consciousness Manifests.” And, of course, the All-Seeing Eye, invoking Horus. Nice touch.

The inner points of the star are named — from the top, clockwise — “Touch,” “Hear,” “Taste,” “Smell,” “See.”

That’s it? Only five senses? If we’re talking about Infinite Consciousness, aren’t there more than five? What about, “Commune with Elves”? “Transform Magically”? Or, at least, “Fantasize Freely”?

No wonder the towers came down, man: you weren’t manifesting fully.

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