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Written by admin on May 8th, 2010 in Patterns & News.

Nexcerpt is a sophisticated clipping and briefing service. It monitors selected web sources to discover over 60,000 newly published articles and papers each day. From among those, Nexcerpt isolates specific passages that best match your personal interests, based on your queries. The service intelligently extracts those most relevant excerpts, capturing their context, along with links to the original web sources.

It’s more than a news service — Nexcerpt helps you manage the most valuable excerpts to your advantage. Using any browser, you may select and annotate excerpts, then publish directly to any audience. (Or, Nexcerpt can select the best, according to your own criteria, and publish them automatically!) You can contact your clients, prospects, and employees with truly useful information; influence their awareness of events you know are important; or write a valuable newsletter in a few minutes, any day.

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  1. Verifying that all these windows actually do something ;-)

  2. So far, so good!

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